The Girl You Hated In High School

I have never liked Sarah Palin.  It’s no secret.  Sarah Palin is the embodiment of everything that I think is wrong with America.  She is socially conservative, thinking that everyone needs to conform to her cookie cutter view on the world in order to live up to her standard.  She is ignorant.  During her campaign she said that funding joint fruit fly research with France was a bad idea because we were giving money to France, when in reality it was research to cure a number of horrible diseases.  She panders to the lowest denominator of American society with these sorts of comments.  I could rail on Sarah Palin for days about being an idiot, but current events have given me a better channel for my anger.  Sarah Palin is a drama queen.  We have all seen it and felt it.  That person that doesn’t get the joke.  That person that takes life too seriously and has no idea how to laugh at them self.  Palin is taking this too an extreme.  Apparently, nobody was giving her attention, so she manufactured a controversy.  This controversy surrounds a couple of moderately funny jokes that Letterman made about her daughter.  The jokes were about the older daughter’s apparent inability to follow her own abstinence advice (Don’t get me started on her).  Palin however, has warped the comments in that little acorn that she calls a brain, to be comments about her younger daughter (14 years old) getting sexually abused.  Letterman never made such a comment, but Palin is insisting that he did.  I have watched the video of Letterman, and he made no such joke.  Regardless, even if he did make a joke about her younger daughter, he is a late night comedian!  Palin needs to get a fucking clue.  Letterman makes rude jokes about everyone.   That is the point of late night comedy.  It’s about cheap shot jokes to get a quick laugh.  Its not a personal attack on Palin’s moron, slut, daughter.  The reason that this disgusts me so much is a “What If” scenario.  Let’s say that IQ’s in the United States dropped sharply and McCain had been elected President.  How would Palin be able to cope with North Korea telling her that she and her family are all fucking idiots.  How would she be able to cope with any number of other antagonistic nations making comments about her and her family.  It would be like having the head of a high school click at the head of the nation.  We would all be fucked.  So, to Sarah Palin I have this to say.  Shut the hell up, go home, and maybe do your job and pull Alaska out of the fiscal disaster that you have created there. Oh, and grow up, you aren’t in high school anymore.

A quick note from the Jaouen:  This may not be my best post, but I’m tired of Sarah Palin.  After this post I will never agnowledge her existence again (other than for cheap laughs).  Maybe if we all just ignore her, she will go away.

One thought on “The Girl You Hated In High School”

  1. Thank you. That was awesome and it needed to be said. Fuck that stupid bitch and her need for attention. This is why I read this blog. Good work sir.

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