A Winter of Awesome

Life moves like a torrent of water, racing down a river of time and space. Sometimes the river is calm, we have our bearings, and we can move with little effort through the waters. At other times, the river is a deluge, sweeping us downstream with little control over where it takes us. Sometimes, it’s all we can do just to stay afloat.

Throughout my whole life, I have tried to steer my course down the river. At times, I didn’t much care for where the river was taking me. I would thrash about, trying to avoid obstacles, trying to get into waters that felt more comfortable, usually without success. As I proceed down the river it is harder and harder for me to remember a time when the river was calm. I can’t remember a time when I could just tread water, and decide which fork in the river to take. Usually I just get swept down one path or another by a relentless flood. That is about to change.

Saying goodbye to the Colorado crew

This year I decided I wasn’t going to go with the flow any longer. I packed my belongings and moved out of Colorado. I find myself now, in an unfamiliar location, both geographically and existentially. I’m now living near Jackson Hole ski resort, in Wilson Wyoming, and I am at a crossroads. Call it a transitional period in life. I have waved goodbye to the old and I’m preparing for the new. And the new looks exciting.

The inventor of the “Face Push”

My new neighbor is a man who who gained fame on this website by coining the term “Face Push”. A veteran of the valley, Danny has been introducing me to the ins and outs of Jackson culture. It has been a great change! I haven’t forgotten those that I left behind. Part of me yearns for the days when I would battle traffic to the mountain with Brandon and Ben, talking their ears off until they wanted to throw me out the door. I miss the days of hanging out with my friends in Boulder and Denver. Those were some fun times, and I will never forget them. I miss cheap and convenient flights out of Denver to visit Tuyen. I miss not getting lost whenever I go anywhere.

I am still with the same employer as I was in Colorado. My life on the road continues. It hasn’t been easy. I have been spending large portions of my life in hotels rooms, miserable on the road. There has been little relief from the relentless travel that my job requires, until now.

My brother once had the novel idea of taking a year off work and calling it the “Year of Awesome”. It ended up being about a month of awesome, followed by major life changes and medical school. As always, I’m following in his footsteps. Starting in February, I will be taking a leave of absence from work for one month. I have big plans for my month off. Decompression, relaxation, contemplation, and other things ending in “ion” (Get your mind out of the gutter). I do plan to ski…a lot. I plan to work on my writing, which hopefully means plenty of new content for this blog. Mostly though, I’m planning a break.

From a high perch, Stacie tries to see what’s ahead in life.

It seems that I have found an eddy in the river. I have a calm place from which to look up and down stream. I see 30 years of chop and white caps behind me. Ahead, I see no shortage of water. I know there are rapids on the horizon. There are always rough waters ahead. I’m both nervous and excited for what is to come. But for now, I’m going to enjoy floating in this calm little pool.